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Of Le Monde, Time Out once wrote: "Hemingway and Fitzgerald would feel right at home rehashing their expat Paris days at this neighborhood brasserie. A daytime clientele of café au lait–sipping Columbia students gives way to an evening crowd of local couples lingering over Gallic staples such as onglet à la bordelaise."

Though said onglet has since transitioned into our now infamous Steak Frites, our charming French eatery continues to offer a home to locals, students, academics and New York newcomers alike. Since 1998, we have been a fixture in the Morningside Heights community, and we cherish every moment we get to spend with our guests.

Executive Chef, Segundo Guaman, celebrates the cuisine of the Loire Valley, a region known as the "Garden of France", with a menu of French classics and seasonal specials that see you through from early mornings to dusky evenings.